Tuesday February 27  

   – Many events are happening , please read carefully. THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL PLAY IN and we need to get all the rehearsals running smoothly. Thank you so much in advance for arriving ON TIME and being ready to take your places.

Play in for PreTwinkle – Book 4  meet in the Covenant Presbyterian Sanctuary

tuning is at 4:15 playin is 4:30-5:00

Ensemble performs at 5:00 !  all please stay to listen  ( arrive 4:45)

5:15 Book 3-4 continue Play IN 

5:15 is Bach Around the Clock rehearsal for SONORA AND PRELUDE for the March 4 performance

5:45 is Sonora rehearsal in Choir room  for their March 3 Eighth Black Bird pre-show

 Rehearsal for the March 4 Solo recital will be in the Choir room 4:15

As always please not food or drink in the sanctuary . Be aware that the CPC trash and treasure is filling their hallways.