Learning Resources for your student

As we discover new materials that can be helpful for students, we will add them here. You’ll also find links to the books and other curriculum materials used in our lessons.

MCE Halloween Repertoire–click here!

October Review List–click here!

MCE Honors Ambassadors Toccata and Fugue in D minor Sheet Music–click here!

MCE Honors Ambassadors D minor double violin concerto celli continuo–click here!

Suzuki Audio Downloads

Click here to download Suzuki audio files from Amazon and Itunes.

Tips and Tools for Practicing

Books and Sheet Music

Local Technicians

Need a rehair, tune up, or to obtain the next sized instrument? These are some reputable luthiers in the Madison area and beyond that we have worked with for years:

Ilsa Reed Violins

Madison, WI (east side)


Ralph Rabin

302 Fairway Dr.
Madison, WI

Nathaniel Taft

5956 Odana Rd.
Madison, WI


Spruce Tree Music

851 East Johnson
Madison WI 53703

Glenn Germain

5309 Maywood Dr.
Monona, WI

William Harris Lee

410 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60605