Bach Around The Clock at St. Andrew’s Church Saturday March 2 information

Bach Around the Clock at St. Andrew’s Church is Saturday, March 2.

1833 Regent Street. Free street parking on Saturday.

Suzuki Strings will share the stage with students from Shannon Farley’s violin studio.

Our assigned performance time is 7:20 pm. Please arrive by 7:00 pm . Go to the lower level to get tuned and lined up in the common space. Heidi and Shannon will be the attending teachers.

The event is live streamed on

Please wear your blue SSM tshirt and jeans.

Repertoire to be performed with all repeats:

Minuet 1, Minuet 2, Minuet 3 ( books 1/3) Musette, g minor Gavotte, Two Gavottes in D and Bourree.

2018 Suzuki Strings of MadisonBach Around the Clock

2018 Suzuki Strings of Madison

Bach Around the Clock