Violin tuning help

Need help tuning before your online private lesson or home practice ?

As we are using online format for lessons, good idea to be ready and rosined and tuned up before you get online with your teacher .

nice home exercise

  • if you have a piano at home, every time you walk by it hit A and then sing it

  • walk by piano sing A and then hit the key and see if you match

  • no piano ? no problem !

  • use your tuner listen to A and sing

  • sing A and then check in with tuner

    See how quickly you can learn to sing A

Three links to help you out :

1- free tuning apps from take lessons

2- rated and evaluate $ apps by Noa Kagayama of Bullet proof musician

3- blog on tuning basics

4. practice pizzazz walks you through very thoughtfully for success !