No group Tuesday checking in with ideas of Apps and links for continued enjoyment of sight reading and rhythmic reading 🥳

Looking to incorporate sight reading and rhythmic reading into your home practice ?

Below are suggested apps , some free some small $ to keep your student engaged and having fun while they shoot down aliens targeting note names or tapping complex rhythms .

Links follow for music theory and sight reading

And here’s one article on a whole batch of music games :


SSM has secured free subscription to

user name : SSM

password : Suzuki2020

I’ll write about how to use smart music in the next post .

so here are the apps

Staff Wars by TMI media

Music Essentials by Notagram LL

Note Rush by Thomas Grayson

Rhythm Sight reading by Rolfs

Rhythm Training by Lei Chi Tak

Music Tutor : music reading essentials

Earpeggio by Blazing

SRF ( sight reading factory ) by Gracenotes llc

LINKS below :

use SSM

password Suzuki2020