Online group classes will start TUESDAY APRIL 14

This Tuesday we SSM will be hosting their first online group classes.

Your assigned group class teacher will be emailing you to confirm proper ZOOM email contact and just welcome you into their class.

The evening before your class ( Monday nights) you will receive a ZOOM invite.


Book 1 a Heidi

Book 1 b Diana

Book 1 c Maria-Rosa

Book 2 a Kathy

Book 2 b Janse


Book 3 Kathy

Book 3-4 Diana

Book 4 Heidi

Book 4-5 Maria- Rosa


Sonora Diana and Janse

Please take time to read this checklist for group class success

Day of class:

Tune to A 440

Charge your device

Position device so teacher can see you from waist up.

If stand and books are requested please have ready.

Please go to the bathroom before class starts.

Click on your link and you’ll be placed in the waiting room, your teacher will let in you into the Zoom Room.

Parents will navigate technology – mute / gallery to single views as requested by teacher.

Classes are 30 minutes in length.

Classes are small 4-7 students in a group ( except Sonora).

See you this Tuesday April 14!

Can’t wait to connect with all of you .



Twinkles Lightly Row Song of the Wind Aunt Rhody Allegro Perpetual Motion Allegretto Minuet 3 Happy Farmer Chorus Long Long ago and variation Two Grenadiers Lully Gavotte Martini Gavotte Humoresque Bach Bourree Seitz 2/3 Seitz 5/3 Vivaldi a 1st mvt Bach Double Vivaldi g minor mvt 2 Country Dance La Folia