Tuning your instrument during Wisconsin weather

Oh the weather outside is frightful! And keeping your violin in tune is not delightful.

With drier conditions in our homes please make sure that your students violin is properly humidified. This can be done as simply as a damp piece of sponge ( squeezed out of course ) in a plastic film or gum canister poked with holes to act as a humidifier in the case for your violin. OR until you can purchase a commercial device , you can use a plastic baggie and sponge as well.


Commercial humidifiers are available for our local luthiers in town or you can order from SHAR.

Models to consider are:

Stretto Spare Bags, Boveda Humidification Packets

Oasis case Humidifier

Stretto Humidifier


Tuning oh my ! We are constantly retuning during these colder days when our pegs are slipping .

Here is a lovely instructional tuning video to help you out.