Suzuki Strings of Madison Statement on Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion

Suzuki Strings of Madison brings the love and joy of music to the community through family-based music education, outreach and public performances. We adhere to Shinichi Suzuki’s philosophy that all children have the capacity to learn and develop high standards of achievement .

SSM believes music education has the unique potential to affect positive growth and bring diverse communities together. This includes Black, Indigenous and People of Color and those faced with economic hardships.

We are called upon to actively engage in self-reflection, pledging to understand and articulate our own shortfalls in addressing the urgent need for social change and upholding racial justice while fostering musical excellence. We are devoted to developing collaborative community outreach as arts allies in creating nurturing musical experiences which support all families. Therefore, we vow to apply our resources to increase equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion in all of our SSM programs.