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Important SSM and MCE group class information -first class is Tuesday 14th.

REGISTRATION for group classes is ongoing , please registers as soon as possible . Thank you .



Group class start times are 4:30 , 5:30 and 7:00

Upon entering the MyArts building you will need to check in with an SSM greeter, who will take your name and those entering with you and take your temperature.

WE NEED GREETER HELP ! Please consider signing up for this first week.


We will have clipboards with registered family names and temperature thermometers as well as faculty ready to assist.


~Please check in when entering the building with an SSM greeter

~Masks are required by all when in the MyArts building

~No food in the classrooms

~Parents please help teachers with set up and return of chairs as requested

~Student instrument cases should be store inside the classrooms either in the cubbies or in the alcove

~Students please bring your Music By Black Composers books to all classes and your own music stand . MUSIC STANDS will be provided by MyArts for the STRING ENSEMBLE and CELLO ENSEMBLE 1 and CELLO ENSEMBLE 2.

~IF YOU ARE NOT WELL and cannot attend your regularly scheduled in person class or if you are WAITING FOR THE VACCINE before joining in person classes then tune in at 5:30 on ZOOM with Diana . This will be a multi level class . Watch for Zoom information in an upcoming post. Please make sure you are registered for groups to participate .

~STRING ORCHESTRA has openings ! 6:30-7:15 Looking to play in your first large multi string instrument ensemble or continue honing your sight reading skills? Join the String Orchestra , formerly known as Ensemble. Add to your group class registration – 100$ for enrolled students and 132$ String Orchestra only.

THE FALL 2021 Group Class Grid for SSM and MCE


On Tuesday September 26 from 5:00-6:45 the Sphinx Virtuosi string quartet will be doing an all school outreach with our students . This is scheduled during our regular PLAY IN time .

They will be performing at the Union Theater on Thursday September 30 and Diana has discounted tickets for all. 27$ adults and 10$ students . Tickets are assigned seats but allow for open seating movement . CONTACT DIANA at 608-695-4020 or dvpopowycz@gmail.com to pre-order.


This is information on their tour and Madison Wisconsin is their first concert !