100 Day Club information and NEW project : Online/Zoom Practice Club- 7 am and 3 pm

Practice creates confidence. Confidence empowers you.

It’s not necessarily the time you spend at practice that counts: it’s what you put into the practice .


What a great time to get yourself into wonderful practice habits as the new year begins.

Two programs :

100 day club – you monitor your daily own practice and develop consistency. All those who complete the 100 day challenge will celebrate in May with a Vitense Golf outing.

Online practice club– Join Diana and Beth as they proctor practice for all those who pop in online and answer any questions to help you in your practice. Diana will be around 7am-7:30 Monday through Thursday and Beth will be available Monday and Wednesdays at 3:00-3:30. You and your friends are on zoom practicing in your private, muted practice squares but you have support of others practicing together ~! Accountability in practice and help as requested. Fee.


The GOAL is to have 100 days consecutive practice- your reward are great personal satisfaction, development of ability and the enjoyment of playing .

If a full practice is not possible, practice 20% of your usual time:

30 minutes – is about 5-6 minutes 45 minutes – is about 8-9 minutes 60 minutes – is about 11-12 minutes

Practice can include: review pieces, scales, current piece, technical exercises, etudes.

On group days take a short home practice.

On lesson days – your lesson counts as practice.

If you are sick or traveling , do some extra listening.

A key to success at most anything is regular practice. Once the instrument is out of the case….who knows what might happen . HAPPY PRACTICING !


We are excited to initiate Practice Club as a support to families, a way to develop consistent practice and accountability as students can drop into either morning or afternoon slots where they will be cheerfully checked in by Diana or Beth . All levels are welcome as you will be independently practicing, but you have the option to ask for help – raise your hand or pop a message into the chat.

PRACTICE CLUB STARTS MONDAY JANUARY 10 with a 7am session and a 3pm session.

Diana zoom link for 7 am practice

Join DIANA MORNING Zoom Meeting

Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday from 7:00-7:30 before school practice

Beth zoom link for 3 pm practice

Updated link


no Practice 3 pm MLK Monday

Monday and Wednesday 3:00-3:30 after school practice

The cost for this practice club is 5$ drop in or January unlimited fee is $50 (20 possible drop in dates) . The teachers will keep track of your attendance and you’ll be billed for classes attended at the months end. PayPal or Venmo to Diana ( dvpopowycz@gmail.com)

questions ?? Text or call 608-695-4020 Diana

Download a printable 100 day chart here or create your own ~!


Only practice on the days you eat.