February special events and play in information

TUESDAY 22, 2022

Cello groups and ensembles :
ALL CELLO Group classes and ensembles meet as usual 
~Play In 
Twinkle – Book 3   Tune 4:45 and  Start 5:00 ROOM 4D
Book 4 – Sonora    Tune 5:30 4th floor lobby Start 5:45 ROOM 4D
~Solo recital rehearsal 
Assigned times for soloists from 4:30- 7:00 in 15 minute increments
PLEASE arrive on time, tuned ,rosined and ready to shine !
                                      FEBRUARY SPECIAL EVENTS 
Saturday February 26
10th Anniversary Celebration of Metcalfe’s West Towne Mall 
SSM Violins perform at  3:30 ( tune 3:15). Wear SSM t shirt .
MCE Cellists perform at  4:30 ( tune 4:15)
Happy Birthday music for violins below . 
Sunday February 27
Solo Recitals at Oakwood Village Auditorium 6205 Mineral Point Road
Recital #1  Tune 1:30 play 2:00
Recital #2  Tune 3:30 play 4:00 
Oakwood Village Covid precautions procedures. All visitors need to wear a mask when indoors. You need to come in at the Main Visitor / Heritage Entrance and check in at one of the Kiosks at the Reception desk to answer precautionary questions and receive a sticker and then you can head to the Arts Center/ Auditorium . 
Please leave time for parking and check in at Oakwood.