Spring is around the corner … preparing for our SSM/MCE Spring Concert

With Spring around the corner we are all excited to prepare for the SSM/MCE SPRING CONCERT Saturday May 14 at 3 pm. ( tuning 2:30) at the Middleton Performing Arts Center
Preparations for this wonderful LIVE event include : ~Attending group class 4/19, Play in 4/26 group class 5/3 Mandatory rehearsal 5/10 ~Practicing and polishing the concert repertoire for you level
At the Spring concert we will be presenting the Twinkle Class of 2022 , enjoying special performances by Sonora Strings, our String Orchestra , welcoming the Madison Cello Ensemble and completing the event with all of our violinists on stage together .
TIPS FOR PREPARING YOUR REPERTOIRE Active questions as you practice : – do you know what pieces are on the spring concert that you will be playing -is your memory solid -check yourself on the challenging bits to make them super secure -could you perform these pieces as independent solos -how is your tone, bowing -how is your intonation, fingering -can you play along with the recording or with a friend -are you adding new skills to your playing : vibrato, more advanced bowing ,dynamics and beautiful phrasing -when was the last time you did some listening to your most advanced pieces -can you play these pieces with ease and joy
Attentive review requires asking questions to make it efficient and productive. When we all practice thoughtfully the result will be a beautiful concert. HAPPY PRACTICING !