Dear Parents : Looking ahead to Summer Suzuki Institutes

Dear Parents: 
Happy New Year 2023!
Welcome back to group classes . As active participants in weekly group classes, theory, ensemble and play-ins you are already experienced at what some of the classes at a summer institute might feel like .
This month’s Parent Talk is facilitated by Erika Stierli and the topic is Summer Suzuki Institutes.  
Tuesday January 31 at 5:30 pm / MYArts .
Discussion will address various institute formats and what to expect, live parent testimonials,  and a chance for Q and A.
All of our teachers have gone to summer institutes for training. Many of us also attended as parents of our own suzuki kids. 
My three all attended institutes as part of their summer scheduled activities. It was back before devices existed and kids climbed apple trees and roamed the campus on their bikes!  My own daughter learned to walk while I was in teacher training at UW Stevens Point. She’s now 33.
Back in the day SSM would communally take over a floor ( you can still request housing on the same floor ). 
We’d cook together( the kids baked apple pies from those trees they climbed) , have a dorm bedroom turned lego room for respite between classes, attend one another’s dorm recitals and celebrate accomplishments . We even  created skits for the talent show ! Those were joyous times for my kids and me . 
It is a commitment to take off a week in your precious summer and devote it to an intensive Suzuki Insitute … but it’s so, so much more . 
The early years were  opportunities which  fostered new and strengthened old friendships in ways that sleep away camps do . Students could really hone in on specific musical points of focus without distraction. 
 The later years ( out of the books ) were especially challenging and motivating as they reached new levels of artistry and were mentored by dynamic world class artists .
Whether you’re starting your journey, looking for a pre-college experience or anything in between, Suzuki Institutes offer a unique environment for your student to flourish in . 
Did I mention the ice cream bar in the communal dining hall ??? 
With a twinkling spirit,
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Photo from one our mini SSM retreats with guest clinician Everette Goodwin .