Spring Dates

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a wonderful play-in and parent talk on Tuesday!  For more information on Suzuki Summer Institutes, click here.  Pictures from the play-in below!

We have FREE tickets available to Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra: Sound the Trumpet: February 24th, 2023 (8 tickets available)
To request tickets, please email mollydaypeterson@gmail.com


Click here to read updates from MyArts, including a profile of SSM/MCE.

Cold Weather and Winter Reminders-Be safe!
– Use your humidifiers! Remember distilled water in your damp-its.
-Heat your cars before loading instruments to avoid bridge falling, cracks and strings popping!
-Carrying cellos on your back is risky business in snow and ice.  Its rare, but in the past 20 years two of our cellists have slipped,  crushing their instruments!
 Take extra caution on snow and ice and carry your cello in your hand, not on your back.  Best to hold and carry with the bridge facing inward towards your body. And do not roll the hard case on bumpy walks, it can rattle things loose!


Save the Date: Sunday, April 16th.  Dalcroze Workshop presented by Dr. Jeremy Dittus in Whitefish Bay.  Click here to register!


Spring gets busy!  Please put these upcoming dates for your calendar.  Specific details for various events and performances are being worked out and will be provided as soon as they’re available.
February 5: Solo Recitals at Madison Christian 1:30 & 3:30
March 11: Bach Around the Clock performance
April 18: Danish String Quartet field trip
March 21: Special Group Class: Women and Black Composers 5:30-6:30
March 28: no groups – Spring Break
May 16: 5:30 pm dress rehearsal for Spring Concert
May 20: 3:00 pm Spring Concert, Middleton PAC
June 4: Graduation Recital
June 10: 4:05 pm Mallards Star Spangled Banner
June 21: Make Music Madison
Aug. 1-5: Fantastic Folk and Fiddle (FFF)