Play-in/Potluck this Tuesday!

Happy Sunday!  A few housekeeping reminders:

If you can’t make it to Tuesday group class, please let your teacher know.  A reminder that Diana hosts a zoom class every Tuesday from 5:30-6:15, and you are welcome to join her anytime.  The zoom link can be found here!

Please make sure you are signed up for SSM emails!  Important info about upcoming events/rehearsals comes directly to your email on Sunday evenings.  Click here to sign up.

Group Class registration is due by the end of the month!  Click here to register and here to pay.

This Tuesday is our first play-in/Potluck!  We’ll meet at Rennebohm Park at 5.

Please bring your own table service (dishes, utensils)
Please bring a main dish that serves 4-6 and a dish listed below:
A-F Salad
G-L Dessert
M-R Appetizer
S-Z Drinks and/or individual snack packages

5pm Tuning
5:15 Play
6:00 Eat!
7:30 Cello Rehearsal

October Events: October 8th Wonderground Opening at the Children’s Museum (9:30 Tune, 10am Play), October 29th–Halloween at the State Capitol (10:30 Tune, 11am Play)

Children’s Museum Playlist:

Lightly Row
Song of the Wind
Aunt Rhody
May Song
Perpetual Motion
Minuet 3
Hunter’s Chorus
Long Long Ago & Variation
2 Grenadiers
Lully Gavotte
Gavotte in g minor
Bach Bourree
Seitz 5/3