Dear Parents: On Listening

Dear Parents;

Tomorrow 2/28 at 5:30 at MYArts is a break out parent session during the Play In  focusing on Listening, led by Maria-Rosa.
Frequent listening to your suzuki recordings helps to grow ability and progress for your student . Locating, turning on reference recordings for your student is very helpful- and maybe one of your easiest tasks as a Suzuki home teacher. 
Passive or active listening approach determines the depth with which you utilize the recordings.  Reinforcing of memory versus listening for details of articulation, shifting and dynamics invites you and your student to attend to the listening assignment with fresh ears and intentionality . 
How else do we listen ?
We can increase our musical listening by checking out other music for violin , orchestra, chamber groups , classical , world music … whatever ! Just listen and decide what you like and what is not earning your open ears. 
Fun games I have used.
Listen to a particular musical selection and hear a variety of performers or orchestras for comparison .  You’ll be surprised at how critically your student will listen .  What was different ? What did you like or not like? 
Listen with the sound off. Wait – what ??? Watch  a you tube and imagine the sound that the performer is making . Trains the inner ear. Then listen with the sound on. 
Attend performances – these can be Suzuki Solo recitals of your peers , local musical ensembles ( SSM hands out a lot of FREE TIX) . 
BTW – last chance -deadline for SSM deal 3/1) to grab some Danish String Quartet  tickets – you wont regret it !
Finally the hardest listening assignment of them all.
Listen to what words and delivery you are using with your student during practice .
Supportive ? Furstrated? Tired? Attentive? Clear ? Distracted?
Listen to what they are giving back .
Receptive? Pushing back? Confused? Eager? 
IF you want to go down a rabbit hole on listening check out one of my favorite articles ( and their bazillion links ) 
With a twinkling spirit, 

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